We believe there is a dancer in all of us.

Join us to find the dancer in you and experience the joy of dancing.

Through creative dance we find our ability to respond to life in movement.

By using improvisation we access our imagination and discover our own creative expression.

Creative dance offers participants of all ages and abilities the opportunity to enjoy exploring and developing their own movements.

Dancing is fun, it enhances your fitness and sense of wellbeing, offers a way to integrate mind and body and find self expression.

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Isabella Dance promotes creative dance through workshops and performances

Isabella is made up of a voluntary management committee, members and an artistic director who are all passionate about dance.

At Isabella we share our passion for dance through:

“I learnt that you can make a dance out of anything”

- School workshop participant

Sometimes these areas of work are interchangeable.

Cath GilesArtistic Director Cath Giles has a degree in dance and related arts and has ten years experience working with primary school pupils, young adults and community groups. Cath established Isabella dance in Nov 2008 and also works as a freelance creative dance tutor. Cath is a member of the Foundation of Community Dance and has enhanced PVG membership.