Isabella Dance can work with schools and early years settings in the Highland Council area, offering creative dance to pupils through:

  • One off workshops
  • A series of sessions
  • Project work

What can Creative Dance offer Curriculum for Excellence?

Children having fun with movement Children having fun with movementChildren having fun with movement

The Curriculum for Excellence recognizes the value of the expressive arts in contributing to children’s all round development. Dance has a particular contribution to make, as a physical activity it provides an opportunity for exercise. Creative dance’s thematic nature makes it an ideal vehicle to underpin children’s learning by linking to other areas of the curriculum.

Through Creative dance we can help your school to meet the Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes of the four capacities:

“I liked the costumes”- Participant

  • Successful learners: Creative dance is fun, develops the imagination and a sense of rhythm
  • Confident Individuals: Creative dance helps to develop:
    • confidence by giving participants ownership of their ideas allowing them to be used and developed
    • a sense of body awareness – how the body can move – where it is in space
  • Responsible citizens: Keeps children healthy: offers exercise, balance co-ordination and strengthens bones
  • Effective contributors: Creative dance encourages Interaction & co-operation

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What do workshops involve and their C of E outcomes?

  • Based on a theme, a series of tasks enable participants to start creating movements. EXA 0 to 3 – 09a
  • Participants are encouraged to link their movements together to form their own sequences. EXA 0 to 2 – 08a/ EXA 1-3 – 10a
  • Tasks can become more complex involving various choreographic devises. EXA 3 – 08a
  • At all workshops children’s work is shared within the group. EXA 0 to 2 – 1a
  • Participants are encouraged to give feedback, learning to watch and talk about dance. EXA 0 to 3 – 11a
  • After a series of workshops work can be performed to family and friend or as part of a larger school event. EXA 1-3 – 10a / EXA 0 to 2 – 1a / EXA 3 – 1a & 1b


Isabella Dance charge an hourly rate plus travel expenses for a series or one off workshops starting at £30 per hour. Please contact us for a price.

Occasionally we are able to offer project work that has received funding form other sources. Please contact us if you would like advice on applying for project funding for your school.